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Bigger Business Solutions is on the team of local communities. We provide local business owners access to the tools that corporations are using everyday to try to steal your town’s market share. We can make it easy for your business to increase its profits and value. 

As a local business, you deserve a larger piece of the pie, let us help you get it.

How can we help you?

We know it can be tough for business owners to juggle everything. We’re here to take care of all of your digital marketing and design, it’s what we do best, so you can get back to what you do best. 

Only pay for the services you need.

Website Development

At the heart of your online presence is your website. Your website is your digital storefront. Our sites are built dynamically and with search ratings in mind from the start, making your site look great on any device and quickly make its way to the top of the search list.


Design is the visual foundation of your business. In order to catch the attention of your potential customers you will need some eye candy. We design logos, signs, fliers, digital advertisements, and more. Let us help you express your company's image through design.

Digital Marketing

We cover all the bases in your online marketing campaign - online advertisements, content development, social media, SEO, google business, all connecting your business to new and returning customers.

Online Reputation Management

Your business has an online image. Bad reviews and a lack of customer engagement negatively affects how customers view your business. We stay in touch with your customer base, showing customer appreciation, accepting feedback on what your business is doing right and what it can be doing better.

Social Media

Get the word out fast locally and beyond using Social Media. We can help craft tasteful campaigns that represent your business and reach your target audiences.


Reach more customers by selling your products online. Our sites are built to sell your products using industry leading e-commerce platforms. Sale your products online 24/7 with automated checkout, billing, inventory management, and more.

Help & Support

Our customers are number one

We want your business to grow and succeed as much as you do. 

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About Us

Giving small businesses big tools to grow

We value communities. A healthy local economy needs small businesses to do well. Our aim is to empower small businesses with the tools to bring their ideas to fruition and compete with the corporations that have invaded their towns. Successful local business turns in to success for everyone in the community. Learn more

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