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To be straight to the point, without a marketing strategy based on research specifically for your business and local market, you’re losing sales right nowIf you don’t know the strategy of your competition, who your target market is, the proper distribution channels to reach them, and the answers to a whole host of other questions, you’re missing out on a lot of business that’s going to your competitors, who do know the answers. It can feel like you’re just spinning your wheels every day without much to show for it.  

Our unique marketing strategies are developed by the results of both an internal and external analysis of your company’s market situation. We find out who your customers are, the best way to reach them, which businesses are getting their sales, and why. The information we discover shows us where we need to focus the bulk of our efforts.  

We even look at the marketing strategies of the competition to counter their actions. Some businesses are surprised to find that they’ve been specifically targeted by the competition, resulting in lost sales. Your competition doesn’t want you to succeed, don’t make it easy for them, we can help you leave’ em in the dust. 

Internal + External Analysis = Your Business' Unique Marketing Strategy

Internal Analysis

External Analysis

Unique Strategy

One size doesn’t fit all 

Like any plan, a marketing plan is only as good as the information used to create it. Many marketing companies have a “one size fits all” approach to marketing plans, applying the same tactics to every business and town. That approach leaves a lot of potential sales falling through the cracks. We get to know your business and the unique situations of your area and industry. Our system creates a plan that’s relevant to the goals of your business and the local market for your industry.

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